Florida Governor Ron DeSantis needs to put an end to the destructive corona virus hoax NOW!

Why are we still dealing with this in Florida?

What was going on inside of DeSantis’s head when he decided that throwing millions of Floridians out of work, to be left to the mercy of an inadequate, and ultimately collapsed, unemployment system was a good idea?

Prior to March 15, we were told not to panic, not to wear a mask, “go to Chinatown” and everything would be fine. Then, “somebody” flipped the switch and caused this economic disaster. And DeSantis went right along with it.

The CDC has finally admitted that only six per cent of purported corona virus deaths were, in fact, a result of the virus itself. In a recent interview on Orlando’s Fox 35,the Orange County medical examiner admitted “97 to 98 per cent” of corona virus deaths had underlying causes such as heart disease and advanced age. The Associated Press tried to pass off the death of Annie Glenn, widow of late Keating Five senator John Glenn, as a COVID death “at age 100.”

Putting aside all of that, there is NOTHING, ZERO the government can do to stop nature. Government is lousy at everything. It is lousy at delivering mail, it is lousy at running trains, it is lousy at running public housing, it is lousy at running hospitals. And in Florida, it is certainly lousy at running unemployment compensation. Had “COVID” been left to run its course, as the CDC did in the case of SARS (another corona virus outbreak) in Toronto in 2003, it would have been forgotten about within two months. There were no masks in Toronto, no shutdowns, no lockdowns. Public transit, schools, restaurants, hotels, stores, salons, businesses of all sizes remained OPEN. The only people who were quarantined were those who were exposed. Sick people got treated.

We were soothed into this lockdown with the promise that it was “two weeks to slow the spread.” We were promised a $1,200 “stimulus.” Then politicians started talking about weekly unemployment supplements going to the end of July (JULY?!!!) and REGULAR monthly payments of the $1,200. Rush Limbaugh said everything would be done “two weeks at a time.” 

At the first sign that this was obviously political, DeSantis should have stepped in and put a stop to this crap. 

With regard to the face diapers, the very fact that a “mask” was any piece of cloth you can wrap around your face should have been a red alert that this was a hoax. Does anybody stop to ask how a “mask” is offering any protection when your glasses or sunglasses are fogging up in our tropical climate when you exhale?

The state legislature must be recalled and action must be taken to end this charade once and for all. This is clearly political. It has nothing to do with any public health concern, and everything to do with sabotaging President Trump and interfering with the election. 
Governor DeSantis must sign an executive order outlawing the mask orders, ending “social distancing,” re-opening the state IN FULL and ordering the suspension of the requirement to obtain a conceal carry permit until further notice due to the continued Soros-sponsored violence across the nation. The state house and senate must then back that action up with legislation which would forbid anything like this from ever happening again. 

We have millions of people across Florida who have been unemployed since March and are still unemployed or, at best under-employed. We can’t do anything about Democrat states such as New York sabotaging our economy by forbidding their citizens from traveling to Florida, but it is about time DeSantis showed leadership for once by stating that Florida is fully open for business, we are all getting back to work, there is no danger and all are welcome once again.
This NEVER should have been done. Governor DeSantis was a weak, pathetic RINO for allowing it to happen. It must end NOW!

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