FLORIDA: Government throws millions of people out of work, spends millions of dollars on failed Unemployment Compensation system

The Orlando region, as with the rest of Florida, is dependent on tourism dollars. Sea World, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, the smaller parks, the hotels, the restaurants, the tour bus companies, the bars, the restaurants, the Uber drivers have all been decimated by the Lockdown / Crackdown on the American people. The minimum wage workers upon whose backs Orlando is built upon have been wiped out.


Florida’s bare-bones unemployment compensation system was never really a problem because there was ALWAYS a job to be found somewhere.


In the past six weeks, since all levels of government, from cities and counties to the District of Criminals, conspired to shut down the economy and pull the rug out from tens of millions of workers across the country, the state of Florida’s “Re-employment Assistance” website, connect.myflorida, com has melted down and has yet to come back to life. And in a stroke of absolute genius, going on-line is the only way to apply for benefits. And once workers are in the system, they must continue going on line every two weeks to “request payment.

From WKMG-TV, Orlando





So, rather than give the all-clear, put millions of Floridans back to work and get things back to normal, the state’s response has been to spend over $100-million to expand its website and its call center.

Two weeks ago, the state announced it had spent $25-million to expand the number of servers. This would increase the site’s capacity from 60,000 simultaneous connections to 120,000. Apparently, nobody in Tallahassee has ever heard of Amazon Web Service.


WKMG reported:

Most applicants reported a better experience and for the first time were able to file for unemployment using the new site last week.

The recent spending is more than twice what it cost in 2013 to create the DEO’s online reemployment assistance system, known as CONNECT. It cost $63 million to create the system under former Gov. Rick Scott’s administration, records show.

As of 4pm on Monday, April 13, 2020, a user attempting to access connect.my.florida.com and entering his credentials, received a “run time error” script, after about five minutes.




While Orlando wages have remained stagnant for many workers (the minimum wage is less than $9 per hour and many workers – even skilled workers – are lucky to make $15, rents have exploded over the past three years. April 1 came and went with many workers unable to meet their rent obligations. And May 1 is just around the corner. While homeowners are being afforded the opportunity to defer their payments, at some point renters will have to make up those missed payments in short order.


Orange County, where Orlando resides, set up a program to “assist” 1,500 residents with their rental obligations. The county was overwhelmed with over 26,000 pleas for help before it pulled the plug.






Jerry Demings is the husband of Orlando congress woman Valdez “Val” Demings (D) FL-10. So far Congress woman Demings has been silent regarding the government-mandated economic devastation of her constituents.


Government at all levels, both Democrat and Republican, would do well to put a stop to this, let people get back to work and let the chips fall where they may.

Whether government is deliberately using the China Virus as a means of finding out just how much we are willing to take is unclear. However bureaucrats and politicians, particularly those in the free and non-infringed states, would be well advised to back off. Now. Before the law of unintended consequences hits them hard.



Peoples’ lives are at stake. This is NOT a cartoon.

1 thought on “FLORIDA: Government throws millions of people out of work, spends millions of dollars on failed Unemployment Compensation system

  1. CBC headline: “How to celebrate Easter and Passover during the pandemic.”

    CBC opens this subject for comments, in the pursuit of “thoughtful and respectful conversations.” Look at the “respectful comments” of avowed atheists, who—apparently—have nothing better to do than throw rotten eggs at the houses of their neighbours. And the CBC gives not a shit. You might ask why these vandals are even reading this story about Easter. I’m sure the answer says a LOT about what sort of people they really are.

    Casey Jay: “Maybe we could just give up these silly superstitions that date from humanity’s ignorant adolescence and embrace reason and humanism.”

    Alex Nevsky: “I’m wondering why our state financed 1st media is advocating a Judeo-Christian religious event? All state services should be non-spiritual and non-religious. Stop using tax payers money to hawk for the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!”

    Beckler Atsugi: “Here’s how to celebrate: STOP celebrating your nutty middle eastern creation myths. Done!”

    Stan Johnston: “Religion and cults. Sigh.”

    Patrick MacNeil: “Why not use this weekend as an opportunity to free the world once and for all from this pernicious and ancient superstition.”

    henry king: “hilarious how the fairy tales of religion will be the demise of the human race….”

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