CTV News Bullshit: Officials in Toronto and Ottawa investigate multiple racist incidents




Our friends at CTV (the Canadian Television Network) News are reporting on several mysterious “racist” incidents in which swastikas have shown up in the most unlikely of places: synagogues, a church, a mosque and the home of a jew.


According to CTV:

The Ottawa Police Hate Crimes Unit is involved and is still investigating the incidents. Police believe all five are related.

“There’s no question that (with) the type, the frequency and the condensed timeframe… that there’s a link there,” Ottawa police chief Charles Bordeleau told CTV Ottawa.


Yes. we’re sure the Ottawa Police Department is right on it.


An Ottawa police department employee points his rifle at Canadian citizens on October 22, 2014

Garnett Genuis, the Deputy Critic for International Human Rights and Religious Freedom, added: “Acts of hatred against one group of Canadians is an attack on us all.”

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said hate crimes must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“These events have occurred in Canada and they are unacceptable in Canada,” Goodale told CTV News.


Unfortunately, CTV does not reveal whether the Ottawa Police will include the possibility of a hoax or hoaxes in their investigation.








Perhaps these victims in Ottawa and Toronto can retain Richard Warman as their attorney.

Richard Warman Ottawa Citizen
Richard Warman (photo: Ottawa Citizen)

When he’s not busy posing as a white supremacist and posting “hate” messages, of course. In the Northern Alliance decision (Canadian Human Rights Tribunal), Warman presented himself as an expert on jew self-hate “crimes.” And provacateuring.

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Richard Warman Northern Alliance



Because Warman was found to have posted the very hate messages he was complaining to the tribunal about, he did not get his customary piece of the action (i.e. the C$10,000) fine. But the Tribunal found Northern Alliance guilty anyway for posting Warman’s messages.


Plane Watchers


Ya know, it almost makes you wonder what else they’ve been lying about throughout history…





1 thought on “CTV News Bullshit: Officials in Toronto and Ottawa investigate multiple racist incidents

  1. First it must be said, my hats off to you for creating this blog – you are a special breed that not only is able to decipher the nonsensical ‘trusted news’, you’re willing to share it with those who just don’t have the time or know how. More courageous people like you are needed, a real force to be put in place since the reality is, our state broadcaster has not only become the fake news they warn us about, they also direct the narrative through commenters and ‘moderators’ that blatantly violate CBC’s own guidelines, allowing benign informed comments to be disabled and hate speech to run amok.

    Being a frequent poster on CBC for over 4 years, I have come know who to weed out as clueless, trolls, hasbaras and now alt-right. I am so grateful for those who know where it’s at, you of course being one of them (have liked many of your comments) and read much of what you post here, since the truth should be told, as ugly as it is.

    The real kick in the gut, is how stories on Zionists, Israel/Palestine in particular are either not open to comments allowing informed posters to reveal the truth (and never becoming a hate fest) but ‘moderators’ allowing hasbaras to flag benign comments already approved – since of course who’s in charge anyway?

    My recent experience of frustration is on Muslim stories. It looks like either their mandate is to close down commenting for good as they have with First Nation stories (angering those that are all too willing to spew citing free speech, yet nonetheless necessary in my opinion) or I don’t know…my spidey senses aren’t figuring this one out…divide and conquer by putting through bill M103?

    This hate spewed on CBC is just as it was before the infamous ‘new name policy’ where Emma Bedard claimed, ‘banning the use of pseudonyms is “really just a first step” in fixing the issue of hateful comments online and that CBC will be looking at other measures, including the comment moderation process.” Come on CBC, who’s fooling who?

    I reached out to the Ombudsman (Esther Enkin) since getting through to anyone at all is like pulling teeth. Of course more passing the buck since as she says ‘I will share this with staff in audience relations, but it is beyond my jurisdiction and I have neither the authority or resources to deal with this matter’. That was over a month ago and then again this week after I complained via email to ‘tips’ numerous times with no response and of course nothing changed since the comment board is still infiltrated. Esther’s response this time ‘The Ombudsman has a mandate to ensure that journalistic content conforms to Journalistic Standards and Practices. The comments are outside that mandate. I have sent this correspondence to audience relations to remind them you are awaiting a reply. ‘Journalists Standards and Practices’ (yeah ok). Anyhow, a receptionist? at CBC was actually surprised Esther couldn’t help (I am too since she is obviously has time on her hands and readily available to respond to my emails within a half an hour).

    Let’s be real here, who benefits from the hate? Hasbaras since deflection onto Muslims takes the scrutiny off of them, alt-right white supremacists, Soros and his colour revolutions and of course the need to stifle free speech by proving that hate speech does exist (by permitting trolls, provocateurs, hasbaras, etc to infiltrate the comment board).

    Needless to say, I’m not a happy camper and am also ready to set up a blog myself disclosing years of observing how pathetic our state broadcaster has become and making a mockery of Canadians on so many levels.

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