CBC Bullshit: ‘Eventually, we will win’: Obama says ISIS still a threat despite ousters in Iraq, Syria

‘Eventually, we will win’: Obama says ISIS still a threat despite ousters in Iraq, Syria

Homegrown radicalization will remain an issue even as militants are driven from strongholds, president says

The Associated Press Posted: Aug 05, 2016 12:57 AM EDT


2016-08-05 09_40_39-'Eventually, we will win'_ Obama says ISIS still a threat despite ousters in Ira

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will probably continue to be a threat to the U.S. even after it is ousted from key strongholds in Iraq and Syria, President Barack Obama said Thursday, warning that lone-wolf believers will still be inspired to launch attacks that are harder to detect and prevent.

If the United States government wants to know what “ISIS” is up to these days, why doesn’t it merely get John McCain on the phone? He seems to have the inside track.


John McCain ISIS 2

Al-Baghdadi Simon Eliot CIA

Or, just ask Simon Eliot. The next time he’s alive again.

“What [ISIS] has figured out is that if they can convince a handful of people or even one person to carry out an attack on a subway, or at a parade or some other public venue, and kill scores of people as opposed to thousands of people, it still creates the kinds of fear and concern that elevates their profile,” Obama said

Omar Mateen

U.S. government security contractor Omar Mateen…

Sedddique Mateen

…and Omar’s dad Seddique, at the State Department in the District of Criminals.

He said terrorism likely won’t be eliminated by his administration or his successors, and he’s always pushing his team to seek out new ideas to battle the problem.


“I haven’t gotten numb to it. It bugs me whenever it happens,” he said. But, he added, “I do think that because of our extraordinary efforts the homeland is significantly safer than it otherwise would be.”

ISIS, also known as ISIL, has claimed responsibility for a number of recent mass killings, including the Bastille Day attack in Nice, France, last month that left more than 80 dead, and the Orlando nightclub shootings that killed 49. While they may not have been directed by the group, the attackers were reportedly inspired by ISIS.

“ISIS, also known as ISIL…” also known as, okay, let’s see, here, The Islamic State, Daesh, Khorasan (that one didn’t last long, it sounds to phonetically similar to Coruscant, which Star Wars fans recognize as “false flag”). We used to call them “al-qaeda” back in the good ol’ days. And speaking of France…when recalling all of the unspeakable “terrorist attacks” in that country, regardless of the narrative, one cannot help ask a simple question: where did they get the guns? In a country like France, where firearms are strictly controlled to the point of being draconian, how do the bad guys never seem to have problems obtaining all this materiel?

Galactic Empire Times

And with regard to Orlando, putting aside the matter of the physical impossibility of the Muslim closet-homosexual Omar Mateen shooting up the Pulse Club, apparantly killing 49, all while updating his Facebook posts, calling 9-1-1, speaking Arabic when he grew up in Brooklyn, New York and the language of his ancestral country, Afghanistan, is Pashto, and stopping to reload…another simple question: all bars, night clubs and pretty much every place of business has video surveillance systems. Where was the Pulse’s video?

Orlando Omar Mateen Club Smells Like Bullshit

Obama has beefed up the U.S. military fight against the hardline Sunni extremist group in Iraq and Syria, recently authorizing more troops to help Iraqi forces prepare to take back the northern city of Mosul, which has been under ISIS control since 2014. And this week the U.S. expanded its campaign against the group with a new front of airstrikes in Libya, to help the fledgling government there take back the city of Sirte.

2016-08-05 10_15_03-Shot-down Russian warplane raises questions on rules of engagement - World - CBC

Yes…The “U.S. military fight against the “hardline Sunni extremist group…” Let’s not talk about Turkey shooting down a Russian jet which had just completed a bombing run against those very “extremists.” In fact, the Russians had just destroyed and disrupted the infrastructure which permits Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkey’s president Recep Erdogan, to traffic in stolen Syrian oil. Oh, but we’re not going to touch that with a 3.3 meter pole, are we, CBC and the rest of the Corporate Media? No, no, no, no, no, no.


2016-08-05 10_22_49-Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS_ Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey's President _ Zero

The group, however, still maintains strongholds in the region, and the fight in Syria has bogged down.

On Thursday, however, Obama said the anti-ISIS campaign is making progress in Iraq and Syria, because the group has not regained the territory it’s lost in recent months.


2016-08-05 10_36_46-Amnesty report_ ISIS armed with U.S. weapons - CNNPolitics.com

2016-08-05 10_37_25-
Clinton News Network’s Zachary Cohen confirms what we already know…the U.S. government IS ISIS. Thanks, Captain Obvious.
Captain Obvious
CNN typist Zachary COHEN in this undated photograph

Well, golly gee, Mr. CBC…maybe it’s time for our American friends to air-drop some more of those Toyota Hiluxes. Don’t forget to send cannons to mount in the truck bed as well. And ammo. Send lots of ammo.


2016-08-05 10_28_03-The Mystery of ISIS’ Toyota Army Solved _ Global Research - Centre for Research

But he noted that ousting the terror group from Mosul, and from its headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, won’t eliminate its networks or its ability to encourage the smaller, more individual attacks.

So, he said, “it is so important for us to keep our eye on the ball and not panic, not succumb to fear, because ISIL can’t defeat the United States of America or our NATO partners.”

Well, of course “ISIL” can’t defeat the United states of America or “our NATO partners,” Barry. ISIL, ISIS, Daesh, the Boogeyman IS the U.S. government and NATO. And as long Amerika needs an enemy, there will always be an “ISIS” to fill the role.

The U.S. and its allies, said Obama, must “keep on grinding away” against the group, and take key operatives off the battlefield, and “eventually, we will win.”


ISIS, al-qaeda and the rest of the contrived “terrorist organizations” will disappear around the same time as enforced dollar hegemony. Unfortunately, that will leave us with the half-retarded nut jobs like Nuttall and Korody in Canada, and millions like them around the world, who haven’t figured out when they “join” ISIS, they are joining the CIA and Mossad.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, along with the rest of its colleagues in the corporate media world, insult the intelligence of billions of people around the world when it continues to present the popular narrative of terrorism as unquestioned fact when we have so much evidence to the contrary.


It is exactly because of decades of compounding, illogical lies that newspapers continue to close and surviving news media sheds bureaus and jobs. NBC’s Brian William was forced to take a pay-cut from $15-million to a measly $8-million annually when we was incontrovertibly caught lying about about taking fire in a helicopter while a war correspondent in Iraq in 2003.  If corporate media involved telling their fellow citizens the truth, particularly on television evening newscasts, there would not be a need to pay performers millions of dollars to sell an agenda.


In Canada, the salary of Peter Mansbridge, the face of the State Broadcaster (CBC), is literally a state secret.In 2014, CBC president Hubert Lacroix claimed Mansbridge made C$80,000 per year. Uh, no.

2016-08-05 11_09_53-CBC says Peter Mansbridge makes just $80,000 _ Canada _ News _ Winnipeg Sun

2016-08-05 11_10_23-CBC says Peter Mansbridge makes just $80,000 _ Canada _ News _ Winnipeg Sun

Like Muhammed ali-al Sahhaf, aka Comical Ali, the Corporate Media continues to disseminate wild, hilarious narratives about the state of the world as if viewers have no means of independently verifying them.


We are laughing them. We are destroying their lies. And we are voting out their candidates. And in the case of our British friends (and they are just the beginning) we are taking back our sovereignty.

Whether or not Donald Trump follows through with his pledges to be a voice of the people and to destroy the New World Order (aka “the system”), the fact is Americans (including your humble correspondent’s beloved trophy wife Mrs. LettersToTheBeast) will be voting for him. That fact that he has made it as far as he had (and miraculously survived, one might add) is a repudiation of the political establishment, the corporate media, and our self-appointed israeli masters (no matter which country you are in). As this trend continues, advertisers will continue to ask Corporate Media if it is really worth their while to spend billions of dollars buying space, time and placement when the slaves just aren’t doing what we are told any longer. Prior to being banned by CBC, its censor, ICUC, banned the comment post making that very point.

2016-06-26 05_28_59-EU referendum_ Vote to Leave puts Britain on uncertain course - World - CBC News


Unbelievable Bullshit

The day fifty-one per cent of our American friends come to the clear and inescapable conclusion that their government has been lying about everything – everything from the Lusitania, to John F. Kennedy, to 9/11 (the Big One), to all of the “mass shootings,” particularly those during Obama’s term of office, Sandy Hook (Sandy Hoax), San Bernardino, Orlando, and dozens more – the U.S. government is finished. It will cease to function as quickly as Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. However, if they are very lucky, they will recover as quickly as post-Soviet Russians did. They will live in a free country. Free of an israeli-controlled private central bank. And effectively free of debt (yes, friends, Russia is, for the most part, debt-free).

And this contagion will surely spread around the world. People will take back their freedom and destroy the Rothschilds central banks and financial infrastructure. And hopefully the Rothschilds infestation itself.

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