CBC Content Disabled: May 15, 2016

NDP sets leadership convention for fall of 2017

‘Council has given potential candidates a timeframe that will allow for a fair and competitive race’

By Terry Milewski, CBC News Posted: May 15, 2016 5:27 PM ET


2016-05-20 09_43_58-NDP sets leadership convention for fall of 2017 - Politics - CBC News

2016-05-20 09_42_31-First Nations say they have the power to stop Trans Mountain expansion - Busines
Quoting “The NDP lost the election on the issue of the Burka. Had Mr. Mulcair not understood his base a bit better, he could have well been the next Prime Minister. Instead, he took the ‘moral’ ground. Thanks to him we’re stuck with 4 years of the narcisstic Islamicist Justin Trudeau!” Mulcair fell for Harper’s race-baitinig hook, line and sinker. 

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