CBC Content Disabled: March 8, 2016

The usual objections to reminding readers that John McCain posed for selfies with “ISIS.” They even censored a reference to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The problem is, CBC’s contracted censors at ICUC Moderation are too stupid to even know it.

Robert Dziekanski death: Const. Gerry Rundel sues over his treatment by RCMP

Rundel was among 4 officers who responded the night Polish immigrant died at Vancouver airport in 2007

By Lisa Johnson, CBC News Posted: Mar 07, 2016 4:16 PM PT



2016-03-09 03_24_26-Robert Dziekanski death_ Const. Gerry Rundel sues over his treatment by RCMP - B
Quoting “I don’t believe articles like these should allow commenting. People in these situations should only have to have their concerns addressed in a real courtroom, not the court of CBC forums. The public interest is represented by a judge and/or jury who have been presented with all the facts from both sides of the issue. A short news article is hardly enough information for any reader to offer an infromed opinion.” — Oh, the horrors. The proles are saying mean things about their brown-shirted gods. If Monty Robinson’s slap on the wrist for killing Orion Hutchison is any indication (and it is) then The CBC Court of Public Opinion will be the only justice police workers like Rundel ever have dispensed to them.

2016-03-09 03_27_18-No jail time for disgraced ex-Mountie Monty Robinson - British Columbia - CBC Ne

Brown-shirted RCMP police worker Hugh “Hugh” Stewart pepper-sprays anti-globalists protesters at the Asia Pacific Economic Conference on November 25, 1997.
You know, those kids may have been on to something nearly 20 years ago.
2016-03-09 03_24_55-Robert Dziekanski death_ Const. Gerry Rundel sues over his treatment by RCMP - B
Quoting “Yup he’s right. read the Crowns final filing and you see that in fact the RCMP as a whole acted properly that night with a combative and violent large adult male. It was the bad guy that caused his own death. That and his mothers poor directions – she told him to wait for her at the luggage carousels but you can’t do that for international flights…” — Everything the Germany Army did (supposedly) nearly 80 years ago was also done to the letter of German law.


Canada should buy drones that can strike as well as see, says Jonathan Vance

Defence chief says there’s ‘little point’ having drones that can only watch

By Tom Parry, CBC News Posted: Mar 07, 2016 8:13 PM ET


2016-03-09 03_54_39-

CBC and its censors at ICUC remain hostile to any mention of John McCain and ISIS. If they were to actually address the issue and defend themselves, they would probably hide behind the section of CBC’s “community guidelines” which forbid slanderous or defamatory remarks. However, in the case of John McCain, simply type in ISIS and John McCain provides over one million links, most with copies of the infamous pictures of himself in Syria with “Abu Bakhr al-Baghdadi” (aka Simon Elliot) and other ISIS characters. CBC and ICUC are also quick to shoot down references to Hillary Clinton and her legal troubles.

It is reprehensible and outrageous that CBC, a publicly-funded government agency, is allowed to censor REAL events from its comments section.

The sad thing is, they actually think they are accomplishing something by hiding the truth.

2016-03-09 03_53_54-Canada should buy drones that can strike as well as see, says Jonathan Vance - P
Quoting “Armed Drones are a ‘victim of their own success’ which is why Lefties and anti Americans hate them so much. Modern drones can ‘see’ just as well or better than any pilot flying at the same altitude, but the drone is a lot smaller, quieter and far less visible which is one reason why they can get so close before ‘pulling the trigger.’ They are also ‘disposable’ and therefore drone commanders can take greater risks. A more efficient, less costly, disposable killing machine with virtually no risk for the ‘pilots.’ what’s not to like…unless you’re ISIS.” — ISIS…ISIS…ISIS…Oh, isn’t that the outfit that “we” sent all those Toyota pick-up trucks to? Didn’t our Turkish allies take Delight in shooting down a Russian bomber which had just destroyed ISIS-captured oil infrastructure? Isn’t a certain Arizona senator’s claim to fame – aside from showing off his wonderful singing voice over in Hanoi – showing up in pictures with this, uh, ISIS of yours?

2016-03-04 09_24_42-

Media: The theory that a few billionaires know what’s best for the rest of us to see, hear, and read. — Michael Rivero, www.WhatReallyHappened.com

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