One kid dead, the other in jail. Canada’s consul general in Miami hasn’t resigned, so why hasn’t Foreign Minister Nicholson fired her?

Robert Nicholson Conservative Party
Canadian Foreign Minister Robert Nicholson (CON-Niagara Falls)

April 20, 2015

Robert Nicholson

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A5

Dear Bob:

Since Roxanne Dube, your regime’s consul general in Miami has yet to do the honourable thing and resign, I am curious to know why you haven’t fired her.

Canadian consul general Roxanne Dube (right) (Toronto Star)
Canadian consul general Roxanne Dube (right) (Toronto Star)

Putting aside the unfortunate optics of Roxanne Dube’s two little darlings driving over to the local trap house in mom’s Beamer with red plates. And further putting aside 15-year-old sweetheart Marc Wabafiyebazu’s threat to blow a Miami police department employee’s head off (I hope it wasn’t one of the actors from The First 48; I love that show). And excusing even further whatever circumstances may have taken place which resulted in Marc’s big brother Jean assuming room temperature (something to do with Jean getting offed by the would-be victim of the robbery and Marc picking up his bro’s two pistols and avenging his death) …the most insightful reporting comes from the Miami Herald’s April 15, 2015 report in the very last paragraph:

He also admitted that he and his brother had done robberies before in Canada, according to Marc’s arrest report. ( ).

Indicted murderer Marc Wayafiyazhu, 15-year-old son of Canadian consul general Roxanne Dube appears in a Miami court room (Walter Michot, Miami Herald)
Indicted murderer Marc Wayafiyazhu, 15-year-old son of Canadian consul general Roxanne Dube appears in a Miami court room (Walter Michot, Miami Herald)

According to the reporting, the kid was so cocky I have to wonder if he actually thought he had diplomatic immunity. If so, I’m afraid he has seen one too many Lethal Weapon movies. Contrary to popular belief, diplomatic immunity doesn’t actually work that way. It’s great for parking tickets and espionage charges, not so great for murder. Particularly if your mom is actually the one with the red passport, not yourself.

So we have these two kids moving down to South Florida to be with their bureaucrat mom (who is apparently separated from the baby daddy and the kids’ last name is different from the baby momma; what would family values champion Vic Toews think?). They have “done robberies” (sic) in the past, by Wabafiyebazu’s own admission. For a regime that claims to be so concerned about “national security,” you don’t seem to be on the ball when it comes to doing background checks, Bob. Your regime (and the people of Canada by extension) have been put in an untenable position. If Dube knew what her children were up to in Canada but covered it up and allowed them rejoin her in Florida, she is deceitful. If she claims not to know about the criminal behaviour of her children, then she is incompetent.

If you can’t even keep your own staff in check, Bob, what the hell makes you think I am inclined to trust you as my guardian of “safety” and freedom? You purport to want to protect me from “the terrorists” and keep me safe, and you can’t even function in a competent human resources department capacity? No way, Bob. I’m not trading my freedom for your safety. Not your regime, not any.

It’s ironic, Bob, that this whole thing happened over marijuana. Had it not been for prohibition, there would be no black market, no crime and no violence. It would be readily available for those that chose to indulge. Roxanne, Jean and Marc would be in their villa, safe and secure in their Pinecrest gated community ( ), all three smoking up until their brains turned to ash.

Roxanne Dube's gated community in Pinecrest, Florida (William Marsden, National Post)
Roxanne Dube’s gated community in Pinecrest, Florida (William Marsden, National Post)
Marc Wabafiyebazu's new home in Miami.
Dube’s surviving son Marc Wabafiyebazu’s new home in Miami.

It’s also ironic that you tough-on-crime / lock-the-kids-up-for-life / to-hell-with-the-single-mothers-so-says-James_Moore / war-on-drugs neo-con kooks can’t circle the wagons fast enough when it’s one of your own. Didn’t you make an entire career out of prosecuting Canadians for victimless crimes, Bob?

Ahh, but when one of your own kind get ensnared in your own war-on-drugs, we must respect the privacy of the parent. Support her in her time of need. Remember the presumption of innocence.

It is indeed unfortunate that we don’t have a government whose primary interest is to the welfare and well-being of the people of Canada. Not that we ever have, at least not in my memory. If we did, we wouldn’t have a “government” whose elected members were committing criminal acts, we wouldn’t be allowing bureaucrats to subject foreign nations to their criminal wayward offspring, and we wouldn’t be enabling, defending and committing war crimes overseas.

Roxanne Dube. Susan Bibeau. You guys sure can pick ’em, Bob.

It’s time for Roxanne Dube to come home, Bob. And it’s time for you to resign.

You are a disgrace as my purported member of parliament here in Niagara Falls and your regime is a disgrace to the people of Canada.

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