I withdraw my consent to be governed by this corrupt regime.

June 26, 2014

As a Canadian, and a lifelong conservative voter, I am disgusted by how formerly “free” nations – including Canada – have succumbed to fascism.

I was often critical of the Chretien government. But looking back, he was the closest thing to a Reform-style government we ever had. As finance minister, Paul Martin returned the country to a budget surplus. Yes, he had to play games with CPP and E.I. but he got it done.

When Stephen “Steve” Harper brought the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance (formerly Reform) parties together, I was elated. Harper was known as a small-government, starve-the-beast, libertarian conservative.


Harper would reverse the Liberal gungrabbing. He would stop runaway government spending. He would lower taxes.  He would stop playing the Paul Martin shell games and bring in real fiscal reform. He would put a stop to the corruption, the lying, the scandals.

Your God, was I ever had.

In the nearly-eight years since Harper took office as prime minister, the size of the federal civil service has exploded. Along with it the national debt, which has increased by $200-billion dollars. The structural deficit that we had under the Mulroney era returned within a few years of our “Conservative” government.

The “post-9/11” police state and continual sodomizing by The Apartheid State have put us in the poor house (John Baird, if you them so much, why don’t you move there and run for office there?)

Politicians take us for granted. They don’t care what have to say. They no longer hold regular public meetings or make any reasonable attempt to stay in touch with their constituents. They don’t return phone calls. They don’t even answer their mail. Or even have their staff reply to it.

They don’t have to worry about being thrown out of office because so many of us are thoroughly fed up that we can’t even lend encouragement by voting for ANYONE. They all suck! Therefore, only the true believers will now show up to vote.

So now that I’ve established that writing a letter is a useless exercise, where does that leave me? The newspaper comment sections are equally useless. At the CBC, they are censored at the front end (pre-moderated). Other media outlets wait for comments to be flagged (usually for saying anything critical about The Apartheid State). Then they ban you.

This blog will offer my analysis and comments on the b.s. media. And unlike the b.s. media, my remarks will not be censored. I am also going to post letters to my elected officials (hence the name, Letters to the Beast).

Three commons themes of my correspondence with The Beast are: the economy, war and terrorism. To put it succinctly, we are in the midst of an economic collapse and there is nothing that politicians can (or will) do to stop it. With apologies to Michael Rivero (WhatReallyHappened.com) all wars are banker (bankster) wars. And terrorism. All terrorism is false-flag terrorism. And I’m not afraid to call the politicians on it. Sounds inflammatory? It’s supposed to be. Because it’s true.

I am not going to make my identity public on this blog for one reason: I have a real job and a real life. I am not going to open myself up to harassment, blackmailing and threats by the public officials my taxes pay to support. I cross the border frequently and I am not going to subject myself to interrogation by some thug in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security whose highly-trained expertise allows him to do a google search and who has taken it upon himself to exact vengeance because I said some mean things about his country.

So, enjoy.



Letters To The Beast

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